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Cosmetic Dentistry Is The Art & Science Of Giving You a Healthier & More Beautiful Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Is The Art & Science Of Giving You a Healthier & More Beautiful Smile

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At Adelaide Dental Solutions we can use the latest technologies in Cosmetic Dentistry to give you the Smile Makeover you deserve.

A Smile Makeover means Dr Anthony Vinci will assess your wants and needs regarding your smile and offer you a comprehensive and predictable treatment plan to achieve your goals. This treatment plan can touch on all facets of cosmetic dentistry including;

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening or bleaching is a cosmetic dentistry process intended to improve the color of the teeth to a more pleasant, youthful and lighter shade.


Dental bonding is a cosmetic dentistry process which repairs tooth chipping, fills in gaps, improves size, alignment, shape or color of the teeth. Bonding uses various shades of composite resin material (a mixture of fine quartz particles and resin), molded into the ideal tooth shape, cured and set with an ultraviolet blue light. This directly bonds the composite resin to the treated tooth surface (hence the term ‘bonding’), which is then polished to achieve an enamel-like shine.


Caps, crowns, porcelain crowns and bridges are dental restorations hand made in an Australian laboratory to mimic and restore your natural tooth shape and function. Caps and crowns are used protect or cosmetically improve individual teeth; bridges are used when there is a missing tooth or teeth involved. There are various materials, technologies and techniques in this dental process including gold, porcelain, zirconia, E-Max & LAVA. Dr Anthony Vinci will accurately assess your cosmetic dentistry needs and offer the best treatment options for you.

Cosmetic Dental Veneers

Cosmetic veneers, porcelain veneers or laminates are wafer thin porcelain restorations that are cemented to the front of teeth. Veneers are used to hide defects of tooth trauma, development or alignment to improve aesthetics and give you that ‘movie star smile’. Porcelain veneers provide long-lasting results in improving your smile.

White Fillings

Composite Resin fillings are a white, biocompatible and natural looking restorations for repairing cavities. They require minimal tooth preparation and are therefore very conservative. Composite fillings are indicated for treating small cavities and replacing old silver fillings. For bigger cavities, a porcelain inlay or onlay may be recommended (Hand Made in an Australian Laboratory).

Dental Implants

Dental implants are used to replace the roots of teeth and can be used to support single or multiple replacement teeth, dental bridgework or a denture. Dental implants are made from pure titanium and come in various shapes and sizes so they can be tailored to each patient. Titanium is used because of its biocompatability and ability to directly fuse to bone in a process called Osseointegration.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

To improve the aesthetic and hygienic state of your smile, our hygieninst Maria uses Ultrasonic scaling technology to remove plaque, tartar, stains and bacteria from your teeth, even in areas below the gum line. The ultrasonic energy is strong enough to remove hard calculus and stains, but gentle enough to not harm your gums or teeth. This is a comfortable solution to remove unwanted stains to clean and restore the natural shine and color of your teeth.

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