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What to expect for your visit

Adelaide Dental Solutions is more than just another dental clinic. We are excited for you to visit our architecturally designed facility so that we can show you why.

Before your first appointment

Your experience begins before you even set foot in our practice. Before your appointment we will send you a welcome package along with all the information and paperwork needed for your first visit.

Your arrival

When you arrive for your first appointment, you can expect to be welcomed by Rhiannon, our front-office coordinator, who will discuss any further information required such as full medical history and appointment time preferences. Rhiannon will also find out the primary reason for your visit to make sure we satisfy your needs.

Consultation and examination

Chiara, our clinical coordinator, will then show you to one of our state of the art treatment rooms and collect any clinical records needed to accurately assess your oral health.

Dr Anthony Vinci will then meet with you to personally discuss what you want out of your treatment, and will then conduct a thorough clinical examination.

Solution and discussion

Dr Anthony will use the findings of his examination to put together a comprehensive treatment solution tailored to you. This solution will be designed to cater for both your current needs and the long-term maintenance of your dental health.

Your pathway to oral health

Once we have agreed on a treatment solution, Rhiannon and Chiara will co-ordinate a series of appointments to ensure we achieve both your short- and long-term treatment goals.

Modern, comfortable surrounds and relaxing ambience will help you look forward to each subsequent visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to Adelaide Dental Solutions!

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